Raw ice cream cookies sandwich

Servings: 6       Preparation time: 20 mins     Total time: 1.5-2.5 hours        Difficulty: medium

This summer is divine and we couldn’t have wished for anything better. So what do we need besides watermelon and (vegan) BBQ? Yes, it’s ICE CREAM! And what would be even better? Ice cream + cookies! Is there anything else that needs to be said? Ice cream sandwiches are a great combination because you get two desserts in one, with a fabulous combination of both flavors and textures.

This summer we were totally crazy about the three new vegan ice cream flavors from a famous Canadian brand. So delicious. We ate almost half of our weight in ice cream, especially the one with peanut butter. We are in general big peanut butter lovers but now we have reached a new level 🙂

The other day we bought just a normal vegan vanilla ice cream and we were missing some chunks and extra flavor. The idea was born: ice cream sandwiches, let’s say chunks in another dimension!

To get soft sandwiches we chose a raw version. It’s delicious. Previously we experimented with baking the cookies before making them into sandwiches, but they turned out too hard – so we highly recommend the softer raw version shown in this recipe.

Sorry already for possibly new born addictions guys, but we have to share our excitement. We know, it is not the quickest way to eat your ice cream but if you are looking for something fancy, this is exactly the right recipe for you. If you want it even fancier, you can even prepare your own ice cream.

If you want to keep it really simple, you can just form the dough to little balls or chunks and add it to your ice cream.



  • 10 -12 soft dates
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 cup (120g) rolled oats
  • ½ cup (60g) ground almonds
  • 3 tbsp. peanut butter
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp. maple syrup
  •  ½ cup (80g) dark chocolate
  • coconut flakes, popped amarath or whatever you like to garnish
  • ice cream of your choice



  1. Blend the rolled oats in the food processor until you have a rough, sandy flour. Pour the oat flour into a medium bowl and set aside.
  2. Add the pitted dates and coconut oil to your food processor. Blend until they become a smooth paste and add it to oat flour in the mixing bowl.
  3. Add the peanut butter, cinnamon and maple syrup to the mixing bowl as well and mix everything together with a spoon or your hands.
  4. To make the cookies, roll the dough to balls with the size of golf balls.
    Flatten them with your hand and freeze for a while (1-2 hours). Important is to freeze them with a layer of parchment paper between the raw cookies, otherwise they will freeze together.
  5. Fill the ice cream of your choice in between two cookies to make one sandwich. Take the ice cream out of the freezer, wait a few minutes until has the consistency of soft ice and scoop with a tablespoon as much ice cream as you like.
  6. Transfer them again to the freezer.
  7. Melt the chocolate and let it cool down a bit before you dip the ice cream sandwiches in and decorate it immedietly with the popped amaranth and coconut.


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